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Discover new opportunities for development and collaboration via real-time information available across your organization with Thomson Reuters Cortellis™ for Informatics.

Cortellis for Informatics is a series of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which access data from Thomson Reuters Cortellis to integrate into your internal systems. So your researchers can find what they're looking for in context of their research.

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  • Downstream export of drug information to specific analysis tools allows precise manipulation of the data to display exactly what is required.
  • Build visual dashboards instantly displaying at a glance results for any indication, action or company. Displaying all competing drugs complete with their development and trial histories.

  • Stay up to date with the latest clinical trials information and get to the data quickly.
  • Be confident the results returned reveal the most up to date trial outcomes and adverse event information.

  • Build QSAR analyses from experimental results reported in literature and patents.
  • Compare IC50, binding affinity, etc. for a range of compounds
    interacting with a target, and find ADME properties for
    compounds with a given substructure.

  • Determine clinical relevance of a gene variant, with supporting evidence from trials, guidelines, and approval documents
  • Stay up to date with rapid advancements in variant discoveries by accessing new gene variant information added on a daily basis

  • Build an internal pipeline database combining everything known within the organization, ensuring confidence that the landscape is as complete as possible.
  • Display Competitive Intelligence information (Display drug, competitor, phase, technologies indications, actions) the way you want it in an easy to access format tailored to your specific needs.

  • Search and browse key systems biology information on genes, proteins, molecular processes, interactions, networks, and more.
  • Export pathway maps as images or in XGMML format to explore and annotate in tools like Cytoscape
  • Combine the data with information from the targets API to identify drugged targets in your pathway of interest

  • Deploy proven Ontologies saving time and resources in working up your own Ontologies.
  • Provides a “dictionary” of Thomson Reuters names, synonyms etc. making it easier and faster to get to the information needed.
  • Enables Investigational Drugs API and Targets API mash-ups delivering complete drug picture from Thomson Reuters data sets.

  • Find out the latest patent news for a given disease to guide research goals.
  • Find out which companies are active in which therapeutic area and their chosen methods.

With programmatic access to regulatory reference documents, view summaries of procedures and reports, or build comparisons of regulations across the world and drug approval documents.
  • Fetch the most up-to-date regulatory documents and guidelines into your internal system
  • Build a timeline of the development of a particular regulation
  • Show a map view of relevan regulatory information

  • Add proprietary data to build a “Targetpedia” giving more confidence that everything known in the organization is displayed.
  • Stay up to date with all the latest drug targets information to facilitate better and faster business critical decisions.

Gain deeper insights without breaking your stride with Thomson Reuters information integrated into your internal systems. Seeing information in the context of what are you are doing at that moment allows you make the most informed decisions, faster, and gives you a new perspective on your own data.

The APIs deliver the same high quality, manually curated intelligence for every stage of the Pharma lifecycle from discovery, through to commercialization and launch, and is updated constantly, ensuring your users are working with the most up-to-date information available.

By integrating high quality Thomson Reuters data with your own data and/or other third party data, your users can mash up content in real time, accelerating decision-making with reliable evidence to drive results.

“We worked closely with Thomson Reuters during their development and testing phases, and I am delighted to say that the Cortellis APIs exceed my expectations and allow us to take advantage of Thomson Reuters content in the systems that drive our business.”
—Dr. William Hayes, Director of Decision Support, Biogen Idec.

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